Hi all,

After you Nintendo Direct on January 12th I pre-ordered the switch along with some of the games that were shown at the end of the presentation. One of those games was Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 by Square Enix that was said to be released in March for Switch. Later I discovered that it was only launching on March 3rd in Japan. Then just recently I got an order cancelation notice from Best Buy saying my order from that game has been cancelled. So my question is whether Dragon Quest Heroes 1&2 will ever be localized in English or will it remain a Japanese Exclusive. The other related question is whether or not the other Square Enix titles announced for Switch(Dragon Quest X & X2, I am Setsuna, Project Octopath, Splunker game) will be localized or not also. Square Enix makes great games and that was one of the big draws to getting the switch, but if they are not going to be localized I am not sure about my purchase. Please let me know what the status is and if there is a way to get them localized if they are currently not being localized.

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